How to Coach Yourself Better in 17 Minutes

Following the rather lengthy how-to article that I published a week ago talking about the process of going into coaching, I decided to stay close to the same train of thought for this post. This week I would like to showcase the work of another coach, one whom I do not know in person, but whom… Read More

If You Have 13 Minutes to Spare Today, Watch This Video!

Just like the title of the blog post says, if you have less than a quarter of an hour free to just explore something out there on the internet, make it this video! I’ve been recommending it to some of my friends and colleagues over the last several weeks, and now I’m sharing it here.… Read More

Bird Watching: Here’s To The Hustlas

Good morning everyone! Here’s a TEDx talk presented by Jullien Gordon that I came across earlier this week that most working millennials can probably connect well with! Jullien is a young man who hails from Brooklyn, NY, and he brings an easygoing swagger to the stage that’s both entertaining and approachable. The talk covers income… Read More