Why I’m Blowing Up My Longest Held Career Goal

When I was around the tender age of 20, I plunged myself completely into the world of football, and the pursuit of a full-time, university-level head coaching position. Back then, I had just become the video coordinator for the McGill Redmen football program. Generally speaking, my life was going through a huge upswing: my marks… Read More

The Future of This Blog

As you can see, I have had my ups and downs as far as consistency goes with this information space. I really enjoy blogging, mainly because I really enjoy writing. Being a solid writer alone, though, is not enough to stand out in the blog universe – there are many great writers out there on the internet… Read More

This Blog Kinda Sucks, Now Please Help Me Fix It!

Tonight, I’m writing this post with my mind stuck in a frantic, energetic gear, a real sense of urgency keeping my keyboard humming. Once again, a long pause has come and gone between my last post, and finally I feel moved enough to return to my little place on the internet. For much of the last… Read More