The Expense Report – 2016

OK, this should be fun! This post is the first of an annual series that I will publish, usually around this time of the year. It will be pretty much what the title alludes to: my total expenditures from the previous calendar year, with comments on what I would like to reduce/change/improve going forward. But… Read More

Finance Friday: Everyone Wants You To Spend!

This past weekend saw me venturing out into my community to experience a wonderful, educational and free (well…paid for with tax dollars…) source of entertainment – I went to my local library! Looking to feed my appetite for personal finance, I went over to Dewey Decimal System section 332 and, after browsing the section for… Read More

Finance Friday: Are Gen Y’s Housing Concerns Really That Scary?

As Generation Y continues to stress out about whether or not it will ever be able to afford owning a house, as opposed to renting or living in a condo, my own personal attention has recently been drawn over to this subject. As some of you may know, I live alone in a rented studio… Read More