What My Second Language Has Done For Me (and What Yours Can Do for You)

Based on this census data report released in late 2015, about 79% of the population of the US speaks the English language at home. I don’t think that number would surprise anyone. Would it surprise you to know that there are over 192 languages spoken in the private space among the people of New York… Read More

Bilingualism: A Lifestyle

For me, the French language is a pretty immense part of my life. I live in Montréal, one the largest French-speaking cities in the world, and by far the largest one in North America. When I arrived in Montréal as a university student back in 2006, I brought with me my exposure to eight years… Read More

Meeting Charlie Brown’s Teacher: Learning a Second Language in Adulthood

Happy New Year everyone!  A new round of Montréal’s chilly winter nights has me typing out this blog post about arguably the most relevant subject in my life these days: my (continued) learning of the French language.  In the last several weeks, friends, family members and colleagues alike have shown an incredible level of interest… Read More