How to Coach Yourself Better in 17 Minutes

Following the rather lengthy how-to article that I published a week ago talking about the process of going into coaching, I decided to stay close to the same train of thought for this post. This week I would like to showcase the work of another coach, one whom I do not know in person, but whom… Read More

How To Become A Sports Coach (Even If You’ve Never Played The Sport…)

Have you ever wanted to coach a sport? Were you once an athlete who played a game, and then decided that coaching could be a vehicle through which you could touch and impact others? Have you been a fan who adores everything about a particular sport’s existence, and want to take your passion one step… Read More

Should You Follow Your Passion?

A lot of people who have known me for many years often say to me, “I think it’s so amazing that you have followed your passion in life!!” To a large extent, they are absolutely right – I have put a lot of my time and effort into the pursuit of becoming a great football coach… Read More