La Fête nationale du Québec: une perspective canadienne

Ça fait longtemps que je n’écris rien ici, et ça fait encore plus longtemps que j’ai envie de publier quelque chose en français! Comme blogueur, tu cherches souvent le sujet parfait dont tu veux écrire. Finalement, j’ai trouvé un bon sujet à un moment propice: aujourd’hui, je parle de la Fête nationale, de mon point… Read More

How to Coach Yourself Better in 17 Minutes

Following the rather lengthy how-to article that I published a week ago talking about the process of going into coaching, I decided to stay close to the same train of thought for this post. This week I would like to showcase the work of another coach, one whom I do not know in person, but whom… Read More

How To Become A Sports Coach (Even If You’ve Never Played The Sport…)

Have you ever wanted to coach a sport? Were you once an athlete who played a game, and then decided that coaching could be a vehicle through which you could touch and impact others? Have you been a fan who adores everything about a particular sport’s existence, and want to take your passion one step… Read More