Best Of

Here it is, the one-stop shop to my best-ever content, as determined (mostly!) by you, the readers of this blog. The following are the most-read posts on the blog, and capture a lot of who I am as a person and writer. As always, feel free to comment on anything you find  worth talking about, and it will be my pleasure to join you in conversation!

La Fête nationale du Québec: une perspective canadienne

My first (but certainly not last) blog post in French. Authentically mine, right down to the grammatical errors!

Should You Follow Your Passion?sunrise

My personal take on a old, timeless question.

New SkillsThe Number One Role Of A Coach

A run-down on why coaches exist, how they can change the world, and some of the big lessons I’ve learned while growing as a coach.

Dancing HouseFinance Friday: Are Gen Y’s Housing Concerns Really That Scary?

Personal finance is gradually starting to become one of my big “things.” Here’s one of the reasons I’m not as freaked out about it as some…

BilingualismConversation: A Lifestyle

When I was 23, I was a totally unilingual English speaker. Fast-forward three-and-a-half years, and here’s a look into what my linguistic life looks like now!


For the several last months, I have been making some significant tweaks to my eating habits (notice how I did not use the word “diet!”), here’s the thinking behind it all!

Quinn Ke03f0d-6a01310f7ce856970c014e88edf9d5970d-piast, “No Regrets,” and Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way

A post I wrote five years ago marking the passing of an amazing high school classmate, who was tragically killed on my school’s graduation night. While he left all of us way too young, he made most of us (myself included) exponentially better people in the process.