How to Coach Yourself Better in 17 Minutes

Following the rather lengthy how-to article that I published a week ago talking about the process of going into coaching, I decided to stay close to the same train of thought for this post.

This week I would like to showcase the work of another coach, one whom I do not know in person, but whom I’m swiftly gaining a tremendous amount of respect for.

Brett Ledbetter is the creator of a website and course that talks about how the art and science of coaching can be done better. He describes winning as “a process driven by character,” and has done extensive research on the different aspects of a person’s character that move this process forward.

In the following video, Brett explains the concept of coaching yourself and playing/living in the present moment. This powerful video should pique your curiosity if you are either a coach or someone who lives or works in an intense, results-driven environment. At the very least, it should challenge you to look at how you treat yourself in a profound new way. Enjoy the show!

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Happy coaching!



2 thoughts on “How to Coach Yourself Better in 17 Minutes

  1. Great video Coach Bird! So many good and applicable nuggets of wisdom and knowledge in there not only for sports but for life as well regardless of what season we are at in our lives. Really enjoy how the talk is based around character and the process being more important than the result per se and the power of your inner coach and private voice. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Tim! I’m really impressed by how much valuable info Brett is able to jam into his talks! He has a number of other videos that you can see on Youtube that explore some of his approaches to developing character – definitely worth checking out!


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