The Future of This Blog

As you can see, I have had my ups and downs as far as consistency goes with this information space. I really enjoy blogging, mainly because I really enjoy writing. Being a solid writer alone, though, is not enough to stand out in the blog universe – there are many great writers out there on the internet these days!

I see one hot streak…followed by an Ice Age of cold…

A great blog reaches people. It touches them in some way. It helps to solve their problems, or feed their curiosity to learn more about a given topic. Every so often, I produce something on this site that checks off one of these boxes, but I’ve never really found a consistent theme to touch on.

Over the last several months, I’ve dived head-first into the world of personal development. I’ve looked for answers to some of the big questions of my life, and have found a lot of “share-worthy” material out there. There isn’t a day that goes by where I do not  commit myself to improving in at least one area of my life. Often times, these changes are small and hard to see at first, such as being more aware of my body language or my voice, improving my presence around others, or perfecting my morning routine. Sometimes I try to consciously rebuild a relationship that has withered, or has simply become a priority through deliberate appreciation of the bond that I share with that person. These kinds of thoughts and actions have dominated my head as of late, as I work to maximize all of my best individual characteristics.

This blog should be of some sort of help to others. It should give them something to learn from, relate to, laugh at, reflect on, etc. It should continue to be a reflection of my own life, so that it remains authentic and honest. Here is some of what’s in store for this blog going forward:

Consolidation of topics

From here on in, A Little Bird Told Me…will focus on only a handful of core subjects. These will include coaching insights and experiential learning for personal growth, personal finance as told by my own individual quest for early financial independence, as well as the odd thought and musing type of post that will usually end up as some kind of commentary based on current events. All of these posts will aim to add value to the readership of the blog – this space will remain fluff-free!

Regular, reliable, once per week posts

This has always been a difficult thing for me. I have come and gone as a writer, hitting the odd hot streak in the midst of (often very regular) cold ones. This is likely due to a lack of planning on my part. By putting more time and energy into planning, researching, and developing different post topics, I believe that a more regular writing schedule can be maintained.

Simplification of blog promotion

My main channel of post promotion is about to change – everything is going to be pushed through good ole’ email first and foremost. Each post will be highlighted in its own brief email, which you can subscribe to receiving if you choose. While my other social media channels will still see some action come from my blog, these will be secondary to the priority that my email list will now take.

Access to my personal reading list

A new feature that will serve several purposes is my reading list page. The page will serve as a record of what I’m currently reading, what I’m about to read, and the books that I can recommend for various reasons based on having actually read them myself. Not every book that I read deserves to be on the recommendation list, so rest assured that I’ve given some thought to putting up those titles beforehand. If you have any questions about a book or want my personal take on them, you can always email me!

A reason to share this blog’s content

For message to be spread, it must be worth sharing. For a place to be visited, it must first be worth visiting. In all honesty, I need to improve in this area! I’ll do everything I can to keep writing content that is relevant, meaningful, well-researched, and worth talking about. Your feedback as a reader will always be appreciated, whether it is positive or negative. If there is a topic that you would like me to write about, why not ask me to look into it? Together, we can find answers to problems and hopefully help a few people out. If I’m really good at doing this, this blog should become a space worth coming to time and time again. It may still be my space, but it will be made for you.

This is just the beginning of a new chapter in the story of A Little Bird Told Me…now come and help me write it!



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