This Blog Kinda Sucks, Now Please Help Me Fix It!

Tonight, I’m writing this post with my mind stuck in a frantic, energetic gear, a real sense of urgency keeping my keyboard humming. Once again, a long pause has come and gone between my last post, and finally I feel moved enough to return to my little place on the internet.

For much of the last few months, I have been working on one thing incessantly: myself. OK, that sounds really selfish, right? It’s still a pretty honest assessment of my thoughts and actions of late. The voice of the great Jim Rohn fills my studio apartment most days of the week, and the words of Robin Sharma are being read once again. Napolean Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich has received its first reading from me, and I can say with confidence that we will cross paths again many times throughout the years ahead. Honestly, there are a lot of great things going on in my life, but unfortunately, this blog isn’t really one of them. Sometimes, it kinda sucks! I want that to change.

I want this blog to be meaningful to more than just a handful of people who already know me well. While I dearly appreciate all the people in my life who have taken some time at one point or another to check out my writing, I want my reach to go further. This blog must be a place that helps more than just a few. It does not have to attract or help everyone, or even most, but it needs to be able to look more people deeply in the eye and deliver a message worth reading.

This blog isn’t a terrible blog. In fact, I’ve received great compliments from some of my readers who have applauded the quality of writing that I produce (and for these kind words, I’m extremely appreciative). This blog is a pretty good reflection of me. It is authentic, although I question whether it is always as raw and as honest as I’d like it to be. Occasionally, I write with great passion and emotion, and these posts are inevitably my best ones. They attract the most readers, receive the most compliments, and garner the most shares. I really need to write more posts like these ones.

Like my personality, this blog covers a wide range of topics. However, it is certainly not a niche blog by any stretch of the imagination. Coaching, the French language, personal finance, philosophy, food choices….I’ve hit on a number of different topics, but haven’t really found a home base. The blog is a jack-of-all-trades site, master of none, just like its author.

To all of my readers, hear my plea! I long for your help – I want to know your thoughts. Your ideas. Your feedback. How could this blog be a better place that reaches more people with messages that are meaningful and concrete? What topics should remain in focus, and which should fade away? Should my posts be long and sparse, or short and frequent (à la Seth Godin)? How could we start more productive conversations together? I want to hear your opinions, whether they are positive or negative. Don’t hold back or worry about throwing me off my mental balance. I’m an active listener and avid learner, but at the end of the day, I’m also a man of my own conclusions. I can take in vast amounts of information, mull it all over, and then eventually come up with a plan with which to move forward.

Thoughts are what fuel the fires of planning, and right now, I could use a top-up. Will you help me out? Feel free to leave a comment, or better yet, write me an email! For all of your contributions, thank you so much!



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