Three Podcasts That I’d Recommend to Anyone Right Now

Something I have really started to get in the habit of doing is listening to interesting, well-constructed, value-adding podcasts through Youtube. Whether I’m cleaning my place, relaxing on my couch, or just checking through e-mails on my computer, I love adding a fairly passive learning experience to my day. Often times, hearing something on a podcast will encourage me to follow-up on a story or a link to a website which will allow me to learn more about a certain subject, taking the learning experience from passive to active.

Ironically, I would say that I’m not a great auditory learner, but when a lead presents itself and a trail to new knowledge and understanding opens up, I enjoy pursuing new information and growing my mind.

Today I’d love to present three podcasts that have really become staples in my listening diet. Two of them are based around the topic of personal finance, while the third is around a growing movement that has impacted my life in some very positive ways. If you like the same topics that I enjoy writing about on this blog, it’s basically a sure thing that all three of these series will add value to your life and become very entertaining additions to your days.

Financial Independence Podcast – Mad Fientista podcast that interviews various people who have successfully entered or are about to enter their own version of a financially independent reality. Most episodes range from between 30- to 60-minutes and cover different aspects of different people’s journey to a financially independent lifestyle. From learning about different wealth-building strategies to exploring the reasons why people are working toward this goal, the Mad Fientist’s laidback conversational style makes this podcast a really good place to begin investigating the world of early financial independence.

Great place to start: The MF’s very first episode, featuring none other than Mr. Money Mustache.

Radical Personal Finance – definitely a bit more in-depth than the podcast of the Mad Fientist, Josh Sheats has produced a very thorough and wide-ranging podcast series that boasts a serious volume of quality content. I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of Josh’s work, but for those of you who are looking for a healthy collection of more advanced material, this is a can’t-miss place to look. While some of the episodes are only 10-15-minute long “coaching calls,” which serve to highlight the various ways in which good personal finance habits can be developed and impact our lives, you will also find some heavy-duty 1-1.5-hour interviews that get after the meat and potatoes of certain topics.

Great place to start: any headline that grabs your attention – this podcast has some deep water in it and thus I recommend wading in gently on the shallow end of the vast informational pool. Still stuck? Try Episode 163-The Impact of Your Savings Rate on Your Time to Financial Independence: it’s a personal favourite.

The Minimalists Podcast – one of the defining moments of summer 2015 was discovering the Tedx talk that these two young gents presented back in 2014. This podcast is still relatively young, but is growing nicely with each episode centered around a theme that brings forward the core minimalist ideals and applies them to various real-life scenarios and situational problems. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are both very engaging and easy to listen to and the time spent hearing about their stories and the stories of others is well worth it.

Great place to start: I’d actually recommend starting with their Tedx talk, as it is an excellent audio and visual introduction to this subject for those of you who are relatively new to minimalism. For more pre-podcast insights, check out their website.

Have you got a favourite podcast? Feel free to leave a comment below if you know of an exciting aural experience that is worth sharing. Lastly, if you know someone who could also benefit from checking out these awesome fountains of information, don’t be afraid to share this post with them! Until next time, happy listening!



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