Story Behind A Story – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

While I wouldn’t say I’m a true book worm, there is no doubt that I enjoy reading when the material catches my interest. Today’s post is about an incredible book I read back in mid-2015, and haven’t completely stopped talking about since.

Over the course of last summer, as I was settling into my new studio apartment, I decided that I’d pick up a book that had made its way into my small pile of possessions. How I even had the book in the first place is an interesting story in itself, one which I probably will not be expressing in this public space anytime soon. However, to give you guys a bit of context, you should know that the book was lent to me by a friend of mine who would later be involved in a pretty significant personal conflict in my life. The irony of the whole affair is almost too good to be true. So, as I was sitting in my TV-less, (then also internet connection-less) single room dwelling, the urge to pick up this book finally struck me – am I ever thankful for that act of spontaneity!

The title of the book rings a bell with a lot of people when I mention it to them, it’s called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Remarkable Story About Living Your Dreams (aff.). Even if they’ve never heard of it, they often do a double take on the name (…the monk who sold his Ferrari???), which is a testament to how aptly-named this piece of fiction is.  This post isn’t going to serve as a book review, although it will give you a quick overview along with my personal take on the story and why it was such an important read for me at that particular moment in my life.

As written not too long ago on this blog, I have established a drive and thought process that should lead me toward obtaining early financial independence. This will not come out of a huge boost in salary, sudden inheritance of money or any other out-of-the-blue windfall – it will simply come from a combination of frugality, saving and investing. The book parallels extremely nicely to this train of thought because it’s about a high-profile lawyer who led an extremely materialistic lifestyle and then let all of his possessions go as his health and overall wellness suddenly and completely collapsed. Julian Mantle, the story’s protagonist, acts as a reflection of the real author of the book: Robin Sharma, who was in fact a successful trial lawyer and once owned a real Ferrari. Mantle leaves the courtroom permanently in search of a new beginning, and the book becomes a story-telling of his adventures with monks in a place known as Sivana.

The book underscores some strong themes including spirituality, purposeful living, and open-mindedness. While sitting through some hot summer afternoons in my quiet kitchen/dining room/living room/bedroom, I enjoyed taking the time to work through some of the book’s real-world potential applications. Coming out of a very tough stretch of my life, it was a powerful remedy for a soul that was somewhat lost, and a mind that was very sick. For anyone looking for a light but touching tale that has proven invaluable to many, find a copy and a comfy chair, and let yourself get lost among the Sages of Sivana!



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