Entr’acte (Part I): Changing Gears

A warm thank-you should be directed to all of the friends, family members and followers that I’ve been able to include in my life over the last several years – you guys make life worth living!

It’s been a seemingly endless off-season at McGill Football this year, which is often the case for a team coming off a winless season.  A multitude of noteworthy strides have been made over the last four-and-a-half months to ensure that the program is in great shape going forward.  A new head coach (Clint Uttley), new offensive (Pat Boies) and defensive (Mickey Donovan) coordinators, and the promotion of the extremely dynamic and dedicated coaching swing-man Pat Donovan to a full-time position at the school are all blockbuster-calibre steps taken by the athletic administration to ensure that the final phase of the program’s turnaround will indeed occur this upcoming year.  These new faces are more than just changes made for the sake of change, they are very tangible improvements to a program that needs to continue to find ways to close the gap that exists between itself and its competition.  To be plainly honest, the economic, financial, cultural and academic discrepancies that apply to McGill in relation to most of the other schools in the RSEQ will forever force the brain trust at the school to be aggressively innovative and pressing in the way they make progressive maneuvers.  “Necessity is the mother of all invention,” said Plato.

This post is a statement that I’m making for all of the people I’ve engaged with while at McGill as well as for the friends and family that I have around the world.  It is a message to those around me, to those who have supported me greatly during the journey that I have made through the program over the last six years.  To be in the position where I was last season as a graduate assistant coach (at the age of 22 and as someone who has never been able to play the game for medical reasons) was, in retrospect, a tremendous blessing.  However, today I’m writing to say that I will not be back in the program for this upcoming season.  The evolving and improving structure of our coaching staff over the last several months, which is one of  the innate qualities of this game at its elite levels, has put me in a position where I’d be extremely limited in my contributions as a coach next season and in the seasons to come.  I am, at heart, a coach first, and a sports administrator second.  It’s finally time for me to prove that to both myself and the people around me – I am now currently pursuing coaching opportunities elsewhere throughout Canada.

I should emphasize the fact that this move is not based on personal feelings, only on logistics.  I love McGill Football deeply, but with my intentions of becoming an elite-level university coach as a career objective, I must take strides to ensure that I grow personally and professionally.

I’d like to take some time and some blog space to say thanks to some of the many people who have made a difference in my life over the course of the last six years.  Tomorrow I’ll release the second of two posts, which will highlight some of the people who have been major players in my football life.  They are mentors, friends and colleagues that I simply won’t ever forget and will most likely cross paths with again in the future.

Stay tuned for more folks!



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